Why should kids focus on writing with pencils at the start?

You need to be very specific while choosing pencils, notebooks, and the sitting area to focus on the writing of your kids at the start. It is not an easy task to make your child write the perfect alphabet and digits or draw accurate shapes. It needs practice and easiness with the pencil that is being held by your kid. At the early age of about 1 to 9 years, almost all writing experts say that the kids should start writing on a handwriting practice book with a lead pencil due to its unique properties.

Why should kids focus on writing with pencils at the start?

Here are the reasons that force the teachers and parents to focus on their kids’ handwriting with pencils when they are beginners and do not know how to write on the handwriting practice book.

It is easy to hold the pencils between small fingers

Handwriting pencils are small in radius or you may say, they are thin and have a slightly rough surface. The rough surface of the pencils allows the kids to hold the pencils easily and write with a grip. The kids in the start learn to hold the pencil between their small fingers and move as per their need while writing on the handwriting practice book. Kids pencils are made very attractive and fine to create attraction for the kids.

Pencils do not leave stains on your kid’s fingers and clothes

Kids pencils are made in a way that they do not leave stains on their hands because there is no ink filled in the pencils like the pens. Kids can easily tackle the pencils between their index finger, middle finger, and thumb. Using kids pencils is almost safe for the kids and their clothes as well. It will not leave stains on the fingers and clothes.

By using kids pencils there is an option to erase the mistakes

Kids pencils are of advantage to be used when starting to write on handwriting practice books. Kids pencils are erasable. If your kid makes a mistake while writing in the handwriting practice book, you can erase it and practice again on the same page or same place.

It is easy to turn the kids’ pencils with hands

Kids pencils are easy to turn and handle by the little cute hands of kids and let them learn freely which pencil holding style suits them more. Your kids would love to do practice with pencils by making and erasing the objects, shapes, or alphabets.

Kids pencils allow your kids to switch the alphabets and digits backward and forward

If in the beginning, your kids use a pen instead of a pencil, they will not be able to write properly in the handwriting practice book. He/she will not recognize the actual alphabet composition and keep these misconceptions of writing all life. It will make your kids’ writing ugly and distorted. Pencils allow your kid to start the letter or word where he left or where he missed and you let him complete by guiding the write work formation.


Focusing with pencils at the start of learning writing is the best option for your kids, so that they can easily modify the letters and objects.